HydrocEFFAlia Nov2015

Fighting Hidrocephalus - 3rd Mission

With our 3rd EFFA mission supervised by Prof. Dr. Dirk Van Roost and Dr. Inocente Mayanda, with the participation of the BSN Paediatric section President, Dr. Guus Koerts, and the assistance of Dr. Milton Reis, Dr. Maura Da Silva and Dr. Cliofa Pinto, 37 surgeries on 35 babies were performed with all success. Prof. Van Roost and Dr. Koerts also presented 2 morning lectures respectively on brain tumours and craniosynostosis. EFFA will continue to organise further missions in the near future with the full support of the Belgian Society for Neurosurgery, Lwini Foundation and the Kifica center.

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Quifica Center Opening

Oficial Inauguration of the Quifica Hidrocephalus Treatment Center

The new Neurosurgical and Hydrocephalus Treatment Center has been inaugurated in Kifica community on June 30th 2015 by HE the 1st Lady of Angola, Dra. Ana Paula dos Santos. The action of the new center will be fully dedicated to the health of babies and their mothers. Our Association is involved in this project thanks to a cooperation agreement signed with Fundaçao Lwini. With the full support of the Belgian Society of Neurosurgery, EFFA is organizing several surgery campaigns in order to take care of children having hydrocephalus. More campaigns are planned for 2016, each of them involving two Belgian neurosurgeons who will be assisted by young Angolan doctors under the supervision of Dr. Inocente Mayanda, Angolan neurosurgeon and Head of the QUIFICA Center. EFFA also assists by providing transport and accomodation for doctors, equipment purchase, notably the necessary shunts for the surgeries to take place.
EFFA action is part of a broader project to promote the practise of neurosurgery in Angola, through education and training with international specialists. In this respect, our Association contributes to the development of a library entirely devoted to this discipline. During the inauguration, EFFA’s President offered the first books collected to Dr. Mayanda explaining that “these books are just the symbol of EFFA commitment for the development of neurosurgery in Angola at the service of its entire population.

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HydrocEFFAlia Fev2015

Fighting Hidrocephalus - 2nd Mission

A mission against Hydrocephalus was organized as from the 25th of February till the 2nd of March 2014.
The mission was conducted by Professor Benoît PIROTTE, President of the Belgian Society of Neurosurgery. In close cooperation with Dr. Inocente MAYANDA and his team, forty-six babies were operated at the public JOSINA MACHEL Hospital and at the QUIFICA center.
A reception was organized by the Belgian Ambassador in Angola, HE. Charles DELOGNE, in the honor of Professor PIROTTE visit. On that occasion, EFFA’s President delivered 200 shunts to Dr. MAYANDA for supporting the present Hydrocephalia campaign.
An official cooperation agreement was also signed between EFFA and LWINI Foundation in order to strenghten the efficiency of the actions conducted by both associations at the service of Angolan people.
More missions will be organized during 2015 in association with the Belgian Society of Neurosurgery which fully endorses EFFA initiative.

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Dr. Inocente Mayanda

Dr. Mayanda visit to Brussels

In November 2013 Dr. Mayanda was in Brussels, by special invitation of EFFA, where, under the auspices of EFFA and Professors Jacques BROTCHI and Alain DEWEVER he met Professor Olivier DEWITTE, in charge of the ERASMUS Hospital’ Neurosurgery Department and had the chance to visit the service as well the Nuclear Department (PET Scan). He also received detailed information about the GAMMA KNIFE, a complete system for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery.
ERASMUS is the only hospital in Belgium with this ultra-modern unit.
A meeting has also been organized with Professor Benoit PIROTTE, current President of the Belgian Society of Neurosurgery.
Medical Mission

Medical Mission - 1st EFFA Mission

The 1st Health Mission took place from 19th September ‘till 26th September 2013, in Angola, with the special and honorable guidance of Professors Jacques BROTCHI, Honorary President of the World Federation of Neurosurgery Societies, and also a member of the Belgian Kingdom’ Senate, and Alain DEWEVER, a worldwide expert of Public Hospital Management.
This mission was supposed to be only for evaluation and analysis of some of the Public Health National Plan’ system’ urgent needs, but end up with some concrete actions being decided.
The close cooperation of the Angolan Physicians’ Order, Lwini Foundation, Agostinho Neto Medicine Faculty and mostly of Dr. Inocente Mayanda were crucial to assist us in anticipating the measures to be taken.

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