Lar Kuzola

Lar Kuzola

Donation of Orthopedic Cushions

Thanks to orthopedic De Rijcker, EFFA were able to acquire advantageously a complete set of positioning cushions from Tumble Forms.These were recently delivered to Lar Kuzola and Judith Kondjia - occupational therapist and EFFA’s Lar Kuzola coordinator - commented as follows: “Under the Kuzola home, I act on the living environment of children with neurological deficiencies and on their motoric, sensory, cognitive and affective capacities.
Lar Kuzola

Bread supply to Lar Kuzola

With the friendly support of Dimassaba.

EFFA daily delivers bread to Lar Kuzola. A big thank you note to our friends of Dimassaba.

Thank you!
Lar Kuzola

Food supply to Lar Kuzola

With the friendly support of Atlas Group.

EFFA has delivered to Lar Kuzola several bags of rice, corn meal, spaghetti, vegetable oil and Tiare soft drinks.

Thank you!
Lar Kuzola

Christmas Event in Lar Kuzola

A beautiful Christmas event was organized in Lar Kuzola, with the active participation of several children and the attendance of HE the Ambassador of Belgium, Frank Felix and his wife.
The event was organized by Kuzola's director Engrácia do Céu and her staff and by Lwini Foundation, represented by its General Director, Dr. Alfredo Ferreira Junior, and the Operational Director, Dra. Elda Doutel.
EFFA was represented by its President, Daniel Ribant and his wife and Founder, Fabienne Willeman.
Lar Kuzola

Toys and Children Watches

In the scope of the campaign 1 Toy 1 Smile, EFFA delivered to our local Partner, Lwini Foundation, hundreds of toys, kids watches and slippers.

A Special Thank You to Delphine De Bosscher who was crucial on the toys collection.

Lar Kuzola

Computers for Lar Kuzola

In the scope of the campaign Lar Kuzola, EFFA delivered to our local Partner, Lwini Foundation, 12 computers and laptops.
Those computers were added to all the ones already offered by the Government of Angola.
Suave helps Lar Kuzola

Suave, a very special partner

Suave, one of EFFA's closest partners, has been assisting us in providing to Lar Kuzola a variety of important items, such as diapers, higienic products and other goods, in a regular basis.
We can never thank enough to the Jaffer' family for all the support. Their social responsibility is to be reckon with.
Lar Kuzola

Lar Kuzola - EFFA Mission

EFFA has been actively involved in assisting Kuzola Center, with the delivery of baby diapers, hygienic products, computers, toys and other items.
We also managed to attract several donnors to Lar Kuzola in a regular basis.
EFFA also intends to extend the overall action to a new building section, training activities and the facilitation of a cheaper water supply. In this regards our warm thank you to Mr. Roland GUEUBEL, of TSE Group, a belgian company long established in Angola.
The Kuzola Center hosts around 250 orphans and/or abandoned children and teenagers, providing them with caring, food, education, health assistance and leisure.

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“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill


Square Marguerite 14, Box 6, B-1000
Brussels, Belgium
Email :
Contact: Daniel Ribant, President & Founder. Phone: (+32)474268867

Condomínio Morro Bento, Casa 4, Estrada da Samba, Luanda, Angola
Email :
Contact: Carlos Vaz, Country Representative. Phone: (+244)937488107
Ana Macieira, Protocol & Operational Manager. Phone: (+244) 935518441


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